Are Blue Switches Good For Gaming?


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Are Blue Switches Good For Gaming

Are Blue Switches Good For Gaming?Computer games are becoming a highlighted trend around the globe. There are organized computer game battles worldwide where the most competitive players compete. Competitive gamers need the best switches to master their games.

Gamers require the fastest keystrokes during shooting or multiplayer games. There are several choices to choose the better keyboard switch for your computer. Are blue switches good for gaming? The most widely used are mechanical keyboards that commonly come with blue switches.

·   Blue switches lack in some areas, making them not ideal for gamers.

·   Competitive and faster gamers prefer something other than them. 

·   These kinds of switches are only suitable for normal players.

·   They’re made up of very heavy springs underneath.

·   Tactile bumps that are large and audible loud clicks.

These loud clicks become annoying during the games when you have to chat with other players. It can divert the focus from the aim of the game. If you are a player who doesn’t easily get annoyed by the loud sound of clicks but instead enjoys it, then you should opt for a blue switch keyboard.

Are Cherry Blue Switches Good For Gaming?

Are Cherry Blue Switches Good For Gaming

There are numerous types of mechanical keyboards, and the most famous of all is Cherry-type switches. Cherry switches consist of series, and the popular series is MX, named based on their colors like; Cherry MX Blue, red, brown, black, silver etc.

Let’s discuss the one the MX series switch features.

Are Cherry MX Blue Switches Good For Gaming?

Out of all the cherry MX series, the blue switches outcome is the most definite. Clicking produces an audible sound, and every stroke is tactile. Down below are some technical features of MX blue;

·   The estimated travel time is almost 4mm

·   Bounce back is within less than 5ms

·   Springs are made up of heavy stainless steel

·   This switch operates at the force of 60 centi newton. 

·   MX Blue is a single-pole contact type.

·   The most demanding feature is lighting; if you want, you can turn on the lighting from keyboard settings by choosing either RGB or single-color light.

These speed switches are good for typing or for normal players who play occasionally. But MX blue is not considered the best competitive gaming switch as the force rate needs to be lowered for fast and competitive gamers. They require the quickest and smoothest switches.

Are Blue Mechanical Switches Good For Gaming?

Are Blue Mechanical Switches Good For Gaming

If you have good resistance to sound and get less annoyed. Then it would be best if you considered the blue switch keyboard as it has some incredible specialties like; stable typing, high-quality manufacturer and long-lasting.

Various factors let you decide; are blue keyboards switches good for gaming? Or not. Check down below a few factors of blue switches;

·   Tactile Bump: when you stroke a key, you will feel a bump that is a tactile bump. It is very important in mechanical keyboards, but blue switches’ tactile bump is quite hard for some people to click during fast games. You may miss some keys due to this hard bump.

·   Force: the high operating force demands more force that could get skipped in fast typing or gaming actions, which is annoying for competitive players. If you need a normal keyboard, you should purchase a blue switch mechanical keyboard to enjoy its other features.

·   Activation: This spot is made up of large elasticity that is highly flexible for longer. This position is operated after exerting force on the key.

·   Reset Position: it is the point where the key comes back to its real position after the stroke. The reset speed is very low, and most people require it.

Are Blue Switches Better Than Red?

It depends on the buyer’s preferences and for what purpose they want the mechanical blue switch keyboards. The red switches are considered the best switches for fast and competitive gamers. It is also not for the users who easily get annoyed. The red switches are of linear type, have a smoother press, have no tactile bumps, very quiet clicks, and the outcome is fast compared to other types of switches.

While the blue switches are mainly for the people who use the computer for everyday work like typing or occasional gaming. And for the users who can resist loud click sound.

Mentioned below are some of the pros and cons of blue switches.


There are a few advantages of blue switches as follows;

·   Good Activation Position: The operating position is the plus point in blue keyboards as they are more durable and flexible.

·   Clicky Feeling: That is satisfying for some users, as it ensures that you have clicked on the key and should continue.

·   Accuracy: Blue switches have the most accurate clicks, which is very important for competitive gamers and other normal users.


Here are some disadvantages of blue switch that is less in number as compared to its pros;

·   Loud sound: This noisy feature becomes very annoying for the low resistible people. Mostly for competitive gamers. Who doesn’t like to divert their focus during gaming battles.

·   High Distance of keys: The keys are situated at a more travel distance than other keyboards. It becomes irritating while playing a game, and you need to chat or,  more important, work.


Q: Are blue switches loud?

A: Yes, the major drawback of blue switches is their loud clicks, which are annoying for some people.

Q: Can I play games with blue switches?

A: They are not the ideal gaming switches, as they need to improve in a few areas. If you are a competitive gamer, consider other mechanical keyboard switches. For example, the red switches or linear switches.

Q: What is the best switch color for gaming?

A: Red switch mechanical keyboard is considered the best gaming switch due to less force exertion and quick responsive outcome.


Final Verdict:

Cherry MX blue switches are built up for normal or occasional gaming. It is not for professional players who spend hours gaming and should not prefer blue switches. Many other choices from the cherry MX series will be very suitable for competitive gamers.

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