Are Typewriter Keyboards Good for Gaming?


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Its keyboard allows you to manually input printed characters, making it an accessory to typewriters. It’s the most novel approach to making typing fun. They are designed to look and feel like a classic typewriter, yet they have all the features of a contemporary keyboard. There’s a good chance you’re asking, “What is the right typewriter keyboard, and which ones are the best?” If so, you’ve come to the perfect spot because that’s precisely what I’m about to tell you.

Gaming Typewriter Keyboard

Gaming typewriter keyboard

The gaming mechanical keyboard is now the most popular and sought-after type of keyboard for usage in gaming. Having click feedback makes these keyboards enjoyable for gaming and general typing. They are available in both wired and wireless bluetooth keyboard varieties. Bluetooth’s recent advancements have reduced latency significantly when gaming, although wired alternatives are still gaining popularity. Unfortunately, I find the cost of these keyboards to be extremely prohibitive.

How do modern gaming keyboards differ from other keyboards?

The keys on a modern gaming keyboard are shaped differently from those on a current typewriter-style keyboard, but that’s about it. The keys on a gaming keyboard and mouse combo seem like those on a standard computer keyboard, with little to no separation between them.

On the other hand, the typewriter keys have spaces between them since the keys are round. Games may find it inconvenient to use them because their fingers may become trapped, or the keys may get in the way of clicking on other objects. Other than that, I don’t see a difference between the two. I have included a picture of both gaming keyboards and modern typewriter keyboards.

Do gaming keyboards make for good typing experiences?

Do gaming keyboards make for good typing experiences

There is no guarantee that every gaming keyboard will be comfortable to type on. That is not going to happen. Much of your experience will be determined by the keyboard you use. We recommend a mechanical keyboard that has mechanical blue switches if you want a gaming keyboard suitable for typing. A standard membrane keyboard will not significantly improve your typing speed or accuracy. 

Those gaming keyboards without a number pad are the ones we wouldn’t recommend for regular use. While the keyboard’s numeric keypad serves a similar purpose, many users find the dedicated number pad indispensable.

Faster response time: 

Whether for gaming or not, most people agree that mechanical switches are significantly more responsive and enjoyable to text. The keys on a membrane keyboard, which is less expensive, are often lower to the surface. The proximity of the keys makes it easy to press the wrong one. 

Mechanical keyboards have a certain fluidity that is difficult to put into words. It’s like using a typewriter, but it’s better. If you want to know how great it is, you must give it a go.

Quick reaction time:

The reaction time of a gaming keyboard is often much shorter than that of a regular keyboard or  wireless keyboard. While the typical reaction time of a mechanical keyboard is 15 milliseconds, a budget keyboard will be closer to 30 milliseconds. As things are, this would make little difference overall. There isn’t even a second to it. You will see this feature’s true value if you are a fast typist.

How can gaming keyboards improve your typing speed?

The term “macro keys” describes a feature found on many gaming keyboards. The idea behind “macro keys” is to shorten button push sequences from multiples to just one. The function of each macro key may be customized. Naturally, this works splendidly in games and may significantly elevate one’s skill. They are not likely to be particularly efficient typists. 

Very seldom will you find yourself needing the convenience of macro keys. You can use them to copy and paste stuff with a single push instead of using CTRL + V and CTRL + P, although this won’t save you much time. Those writers who choose to utilize them for formatting their work do so. However, the macro buttons won’t serve much use even in that case. In all likelihood, the macro buttons on a gaming keyboard will go unused if you only use it for typing.


Do gamers use 60% of keyboards?

The 60% keyboard layout in recent years has been increasingly popular among gamers. Due to the compact design, larger screens and audio equipment may be accommodated. Due to its compact design, it may be positioned at any angle. This makes for a more ergonomic setup than larger keyboard layouts since there is less space between the two. This may ease the stress on your mouse hand and wrist.

What kind of keyboard is best for playing video games?

Most gamers agree that mechanical keyboards are superior to any other model.

Is a gaming keyboard suitable for typing?

Gaming keyboards are great for typing since they are often designed for speed and accuracy, allow for personalization, give tactile feedback, and include ergonomic characteristics that make them pleasant to use for an extended time.

Can I play better with round keycaps?

Keyboards with round keycaps may be preferable for gaming since they allow for a more natural and relaxed grip when typing. The optimal keycap form will change from one user to the next.


The bottom line is that you shouldn’t go out and buy a brand-new typewriter keyboard for the sole purpose of using it for video games. Buy a high-quality gaming keyboard instead, as it will have many more advantages, such as customizable RGB illumination. Because these gaming keyboards are made with the needs of gamers in mind, their tactical feedback is far superior to that of a standard typewriter.

On the other hand, I recommend a typewriter mechanical keyboard if you must type a lot, do it frequently, and occasionally engage in gaming. In essence, it’s the best of both worlds for you.

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