How Much Space Does Fortnite Take Up on PC?


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How Much Space Does Fortnite Take Up on PC

Fortnite, the viral online multiplayer game developed by Epic Games, has taken the gaming world by storm. As an avid Fortnite player, one of the essential considerations is understanding. How much disk space this game occupies on your PC? This article will delve into the details of Fortnite’s space requirements. 

Picture this: you’re waiting to download the latest Fortnite update, excited about the new features. But as you start the download. You receive a dreaded notification: “Insufficient disk space.” Your heart sinks, and frustration sets in. Don’t let this scenario become a reality for you! Knowing exactly how much space Fortnite takes up on pc? It can save you from these disappointing moments. 

Fortnite has become a global sensation with its engaging gameplay, vibrant graphics, and constant updates. But with all the buzz around this game, it’s crucial to understand how much space it occupies on your PC. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the Fortnite world, knowing the storage requirements can help you optimize your gaming setup. So, let’s get started!

Understanding Fortnite System Requirements

Before diving into the disk space requirements, it’s crucial to have a basic understanding of Fortnite’s system requirements. To enjoy the game seamlessly, your PC must meet the most miniature specifications Epic Games recommends. These specifications include processor, memory, graphics card, and operating system requirements.

Disk Space Requirements for Fortnite on PC

Disk Space Requirements for Fortnite on PC

Disk space and Fortnite’s installation size can vary based on various factors. The game’s developers release updates, patches, and extra content to enhance the gameplay experience. As a result, the space required by Fortnite can increase over time.

Fortnite Installation Size

The installation size of Fortnite comprises the base game size and the sizes of subsequent updates and patches. Let’s examine each of these aspects in detail:

  1. Base Game Size

The base game size of Fortnite can be around 30-40 GB. It’s important to note that this size can change as Epic Games. Introduces new content and features. The base game includes all the essential components required for gameplay, such as maps, characters, weapons, and game modes.

  1. Patch and Update Sizes

Fortnite frequently receives updates and patches from the base game size to fix bugs, introduce new features, and add content. These updates can vary in size but range from a few hundred megabytes to several gigabytes. The size of these updates depends on the changes made and the content added or modified.

Managing Fortnite Disk Space

Managing Fortnite Disk Space

How much space does Fortnite take up on pc? If you find that Fortnite is occupying too much space on your PC, you can take some steps to manage the disk space more efficiently. Here are a few strategies to consider:

Uninstalling Unused Game Modes

Fortnite offers various game modes, including Battle Royale, Creative, and Save the World. If you rarely play a particular game mode or don’t enjoy it as much, consider uninstalling it to free up disk space. This way, you can keep the methods you frequently engage in and optimize the game’s installation size.

Cleaning Temporary Files

Over time, temporary files generated by Fortnite can accumulate on your PC and consume unnecessary disk space. Regularly clearing these temporary files can help recover storage space. You can do this by entering the game’s settings or using system utilities that clean temporary files.

Deleting Old Fortnite Versions

Whenever Fortnite receives updates, the previous versions are kept on your PC. Ensure compatibility with replays and other features. These old versions can take up much disk space. Deleting the older versions you no longer need can free up ample storage space.

Additional Factors Influencing Disk Space

Apart from the base game size, updates, and patches, additional factors can influence the disk space occupied by Fortnite. These factors include the presence of mods, custom content, and replays. If you have installed mods or added custom content, they can contribute to the space Fortnite occupies on your PC.


How can I check the current size of Fortnite on my PC?

To check the current size of Fortnite on your PC. 
Go to the installation directory.
Right-click on the folder.
Select “Properties.”

Does the disk space rule vary with different game modes?

Yes, the disk space rule can vary with different game modes in Fortnite. Each mode has its files and assets, contributing to the game’s overall space. By uninstalling new game modes, you can free up disk space.

Can I reduce Fortnite’s disk space without uninstalling it?

While uninstalling new game modes reduces Fortnite’s disk space, you can also try deleting temporary files and old versions of the game. These steps can help optimize the installation size without completely uninstalling the game.

Are there any plans to optimize Fortnite’s installation size?

Epic Games is working on optimizing Fortnite’s installation size. They understand the importance of efficient disk space use and regularly install updates to reduce the game’s size without compromising the gameplay experience.

Can I move Fortnite to an external hard drive to save space?

Yes, you can move Fortnite to an external hard drive to save space on your PC. By relocating the game files to an external storage device, you can free up disk space while enjoying Fortnite.


In conclusion, understanding how much space Fortnite takes up on pc? and the space requirements of Fortnite on your PC is essential. It is crucial for optimal gaming performance and a smooth gameplay experience, with its immense popularity and regular updates. Fortnite has captured the attention of gamers worldwide. By knowing how much space Fortnite takes up on your computer. You can ensure you have enough room to install and enjoy the game without encountering storage-related issues.

With an estimated space need of around 30-40 GB. It is important to check your available disk space and make necessary adjustments. This includes uninstalling unnecessary files or games. 

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