How To Copyright A Video Game?


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How To Copyright A Video Game?

A video game is the perfect way to relax the mind. Video game developers protect their games and other rights through copyright. Copyright laws guarantee the original work of the developer with rights to reproduce and distribute. 

For video games, the business model has been changing rapidly. You want no one to steal your fun. So, how to copyright a video game? Trademarks and copyright are the best ways to protect the game from copying. Both these methods are ways to protect your time, hard work and skills behind the game. It isn’t possible to copyright an entire game however, individual portions of the game can be copyrighted. 

Videogames are valuable assets that should be protected. In this article, we will discuss what are the things that you copyright in video games and whatnot. We will see the limitations of copyright protection and how to copyright a video game. We will see tips to avoid the copyright of gaming channels on YouTube in detail.

Things that you can copyright in a video game

Things that you can copyright in a video game
Things that you can copyright in a video game

When you publish a work, you are the copyright owner. Many elements are eligible for copyright in a video game. These elements may be both tangible and non-tangible. Here we will see some parts that are used for copyright:

  • Dialogue, script and text are protected by copyright.
  • The source code is especially related to the game engine.
  • Creative and original designs related to the environment.
  • User-generated content like custom level and mods etc.
  • Characters, background, and graphical use elements.
  • Original music and specific story.

Things you can’t copyright

There are many things that you can’t copyright. They are ideas, titles, phrases, facts and some other items. Remember that copyright only protects the expression of an idea, not the whole picture. Sentences and titles are not eligible to copyright. Only a small part of large work can be copyrighted. 

The limitations of copyright protection

Copyright law provides powerful rights to the creator of their work but these laws are not limited. Expiration is the most limited protection and everything expires after a specific time. After expiration, the work automatically falls into the public domain. Now there is no copyright limitation, and anyone can exploit the work. 

Fair use is the best-known limitation and is only determined by the court. When you build fair case use, take only what you need and ensure the use is for the public good. Fair use damages copyright holders a little bit. Parody is the kind of fair use used to make fun of the work.

Methods To copyright a video game

Methods To copyright a video game
Methods To copyright a video game

How to copyright a video game? When video games come in digital form, you get the copyright reserve for your work. You own the copyright when the game comes in its original form. If you want extra protection, register yourself with the US copyright office. After certification, the government is proof that you have created the game.  It will make coming legal issues easy for you. 

With certificate registration, you can prove that you are the game’s author and have published it. It will make you avoid the fear of game thieves as your written words have more weight. Copyright duration differs between countries and is limited to specific countries, like fair use in the US. 

Tips to Avoid Copyright Infringement on YouTube Gaming Channel

Getting copyright claims on YouTube is the worst thing for YouTubers. Be conscious about copyrighting whatever content you are creating on it. It allows copyrighted content, like research or news, if it is fair use. Here are some tips that you must avoid copyright on YouTube gaming channels. 

Editing software for videos/ musicians

Transform original work under fair use guidelines and take advantage of editing software. Some people remix musicians’ voices in songs that are under the guidelines.

Get permission from the content owner

If you want to put other content in your video, get permission from the owner. Tell them what part of their content you will use and for what purpose. If their mind gets change, your channel will be at risk of a strike. So be careful while taking permission.

Consult a YouTube Copyright Attorney

If you think you have violated the policy and added someone else’s data that will cause copyright issues, it’s better to consult a YouTube copyright attorney. They will check if your actions are legal and what to do about this. Tell them before you are doing any changes.

Consult Your Country’s Law

Every country has its laws and regulations regarding copyright. Some countries allow the use of music in video, others do not. Be sure you are following the country’s law.


In the gaming business, which is constantly changing, it is essential to protect the intellectual property of video games. Copyright laws give artists a way to protect their original and creative work. Copyright can protect essential parts of a video game, such as the speech, script, source code, and story. Ideas, names, sentences, and facts can’t be copied. How to copyright a video game? Developers are urged to register their video games with the right copyright office, such as the US Copyright Office, to ensure they are fully protected. 

Copyright is a strong tool, but artists should also know about fair use and how it works, especially if they use copyrighted material. Copyright violations are a major problem for people who run YouTube game accounts. It’s important to know your country’s copyright laws and rules because they change a lot from one place to another. By knowing the ins and outs of copyright protection and keeping an eye out for possible violations, people and businesses can continue to add to the rich and diverse world of video games.

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