How To Drop Bins In A Sea Of Thieves Pc?


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How To Drop Bins In A Sea Of Thieves Pc

Sea of Thieves, developed by Scarce and published by Xbox Game Studios. It is a popular multiplayer pirate-themed action-adventure game available on PC. Players embark on exciting quests and engage in thrilling ship battles in an open world. One of the essential aspects of the game is managing your loot, including chests filled with valuable items.

Have you ever wondered how to drop chests in Sea of Thieves on your PC? As you sail across the vast seas, you may encounter various situations where it becomes necessary to relinquish your loot quickly. You want to share your treasure with other players to lighten your ship’s load. You know how to drop chests efficiently can be a valuable skill.

In Sea of Thieves on PC, dropping chests is a simple process. It can come in handy during intense moments. You can ensure a smooth and efficient experience by understanding the techniques involved. This guide will delve into the methods and controls to drop chests uninterrupted in Sea of Thieves on your PC.


Understanding the Controls and Techniques

Understanding the Controls and Techniques

To place a chest into the waters of Sea of Thieves on your personal computer, it is important to familiarize yourself with the controls and techniques involved. By following these steps, you can understand how to drop chests in a sea of thieves pc with efficient experience:

Step 1: Acquiring a Chest

Before you can drop a chest, you need to find one. Crates can be found on islands, in sunken ships, or as rewards for completing quests. Look for glowing glints, or use your map and compass to locate potential chest sites. Once you’ve found a chest, approach it and press the interaction key to pick it up.

Step 2: Carrying the Chest

After you’ve picked up a chest, it will appear in your character’s hands. You can now carry it around, but be aware that it will slow down your movement speed. To move efficiently, consider passing the chest to a crewmate if you’re playing with others. To do this, approach your crewmate and press the interaction key while holding the trunk. They will then take over the burden of carrying it.

Step 3: Dropping the Chest

When you’re ready to drop the chest, find a suitable location. It could be on your ship, an island, or even underwater. Position yourself where you want to drop the chest and press the interaction key to release it from your grasp. The chest will now be on the ground or the seabed, ready for anyone to pick up. Be cautious when dropping chests on islands, as other players might spot them and try to steal your treasure.

Step 4: Sharing Chests with Crewmates

In the Sea of Thieves, cooperation is vital. If you want to share a chest with your crewmates, it’s a simple process. Follow steps 1 and 2 to acquire and carry the chest. Then, instead of dropping it, approach your crewmate and press the interaction key while holding the trunk. This action will transfer the chest to their hands, allowing them to carry it. Sharing compartments can help distribute weight evenly or pass them to a faster crewmate for a swift getaway.

Step 5: Hiding Chests

Sometimes, you should hide a chest to protect it from other pirates. While dropping it on an island might be risky, other clever hiding spots exist. Look for underwater caves or shipwrecks, as these locations can provide excellent hiding places for your valuable loot. When you find a suitable site, drop the chest and swim away. Just be sure to remember the location for later retrieval.

Step 6: Retrieving Dropped Chests

If you’ve dropped a chest and wish to retrieve it later, take note of its location or mark it on your map. You can also use landmarks on the island to help guide you back. Once you’re ready to collect the chest, approach it and press the interaction key. Your character will pick it up, and you can continue your adventure with your hard-earned treasure.

Tips for Efficient Chest Dropping

While the process of dropping chests in Sea of Thieves may seem straightforward, there are a few tips and tricks that can enhance your efficiency and make the experience more enjoyable:

Plan Ahead

Before embarking on a voyage, consider your objectives and plan accordingly. If you expect the need to drop chests at specific locations, map out your route and keep those spots in mind.

Coordinate with Your Crew

If you are playing with a crew, communication is critical. Inform your crewmates when you intend to drop chests, so they can assist you or be prepared to receive the loot. Coordination will prevent any misunderstandings and ensure a seamless experience.

Prioritize Valuable Chests

Not all chests are created equal. Some chests contain more valuable loot than others. When deciding which chests to drop, focus on the ones with a lower value or those less sought after. This way, you can maximize your profits and optimize your inventory space.

Be Mindful of Enemy Ships

Be Mindful of Enemy Ships

The seas of Sea of Thieves are teeming with other pirates, and they may not always have friendly intentions. When dropping chests, be mindful of nearby enemy ships. Beware! Falling crates too close to them may result in your loot getting stolen. Stay vigilant and choose drop locations wisely.


Where do I drop chests in Sea of Thieves?

You can drop chests in various locations, such as on islands, your ship’s deck, or on the water.

How do you open chests in Sea of Thieves?

To open chests, approach them and press the “F” key when prompted. The chest will reveal its contents for you to collect.

What to do in the Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves offers a range of activities, including sailing your ship, battling skeletons, solving puzzles, completing quests, searching for treasure, and engaging in PvP encounters with other players.

How do you dig treasure in the Sea of Thieves?

To dig treasure, equip your shovel and approach a dig spot indicated by a sparkling mound of dirt. Press the “F” key to start searching and uncover the buried treasure.

What is the rarest chest in Sea of Thieves?

The rarest chest in Sea of Thieves is the Chest of Legends. This unique chest is adorned with intricate decorations and contains valuable and exclusive rewards for pirates who manage to get it.


In conclusion, learning how to drop chests in Sea of Thieves on PC is essential for every pirate adventurer. The ability to release bins on land, on your ship, or in the sea allows for strategic decision-making and effective inventory management. You understand the controls and follow the step-by-step process outlined in this guide. You can confidently navigate the game’s open world and maximize your treasure-hunting endeavors.

Dropping chests in Sea of Thieves on PC provides various advantages. It includes sharing the loot with your crew, freeing up space, or creating intriguing moments during your gameplay. Whether you drop chests on land, on your ship, or in the water, each method serves a specific purpose and adds depth to your pirate experience. Remember to consider the consequences of your actions when dropping chests, as some choices may be irreversible.

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