How To Get Unbanned In Gorilla Tag Without PC?


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How To Get Unbanned In Gorilla Tag Without PC

If Gorilla Tag banned you, reach out to developers and explain the ban to seek unbanning without a PC. You can also appeal the ban by providing evidence that you were not cheating or being toxic. If all else fails, you can start a new account. Did you get banned from Gorilla Tag? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people have been banned from the game for various reasons. But don’t give up hope. 

In this article, I will explain how to get unbanned in Gorilla tag without PC. I will also provide some tips to help you avoid getting banned in the future. Navigating a Gorilla Tag ban can be a discouraging ordeal, leaving players seeking ways to rejoin the virtual jungle. Reclaim your gaming experience by exploring strategies to lift bans without relying on a PC. The topic is very knowledgeable and going to be more interesting so keep an eye on the whole topic.

What is A Gorilla Tag?

What is A Gorilla Tag

Gorilla Tag involves swinging and climbing in a virtual jungle. Cheating or mistreating players can lead to bans. Playing requires a VR headset and a computer. On Oculus Quest 2, playing without a PC requires sideloading.

The goal involves tagging others while avoiding getting tagged yourself through swinging, jumping, and climbing. Suited for kids and teens, it offers fun and exercise, but respect and fair play are crucial to avoid bans.

Why Do People Get Banned From Gorilla Tag?

There are a few reasons why people get banned from Gorilla Tag. One reason is cheating. Cheating can include using cheat codes, exploiting bugs, or playing on an unapproved VR headset. Another reason is being toxic.

This means being rude or offensive to other players. Finally, people can also get banned for spam or trolling. This means saying the same thing over and over again or trying to disrupt the game.

Steps To Unbanned From Gorilla Tag Without A PC

To get unbanned from Gorilla Tag without using a PC, you have a couple of options. First, you can contact the game’s developers. Provide any proof you might have that shows you didn’t break any rules. Be patient and wait for their response. Another way is to start over with a new account.

Make sure to follow the rules and play fairly to avoid getting banned again. Remember, being respectful and honest is important to resolve the issue and enjoy the game. Don’t worry, we talk about each other in detail that clears your issue of how to get unbanned in Gorilla tag without PC.

Contact The developers

To get unbanned from Gorilla Tag without a PC, you can reach out to the game’s creators. Tell them why you got banned. They might help if they think the ban was a mistake. Contacting them is the first step to play again. Just talk to them and explain. They can fix it if they know you shouldn’t be banned. It’s important to ask them nicely so they understand. They made the game so they can unban you if they see it’s fair.

Appeal The Ban

If the developers don’t lift the ban, you can try to appeal it. Show proof that you didn’t cheat or act badly. This might help you get unbanned from Gorilla Tag without needing a PC.

Start A New Account


If nothing else works, you can make a new account. But be careful, starting over might not always work because developers could still find you using your computers address and ban you again.

Use VPN Service

If you got banned in Gorilla Tag and can’t use a PC, here’s a trick. If your IP address got blocked, you can try using a thing called VPN, like NordVPN. It changes your IP, so you might get back in the game. NordVPN can also help in other places too, like Chat GPT and TikTok. Just remember, if you’re stuck, give this VPN thing a try.

How To Avoid Getting Banned From Gorilla Tag?

Follow these guidelines for a fair and enjoyable gaming experience: Refrain from cheating, which includes avoiding cheat codes, exploiting bugs, or using unauthorized VR headsets. Maintain respect towards fellow players by refraining from offensive language or threats. 

Avoid spamming or trolling, which involves repetitive actions or disruptive behavior. Adhere to the game’s rules by thoroughly reading and abiding by them. If you encounter cheaters or toxic players, report them to the developers for necessary action.

How Long Does A Ban On Gorilla Tag Last?

When someone gets banned from Gorilla Tag, the time they can’t play depends on what they did. If they were a bit mean to others, the ban might be short, like a few days. But if they did something worse, like cheating, the ban could be much longer, even for weeks or months. In some cases, the ban might stay forever. So, it’s important to play nice and follow the rules to avoid getting banned.

Unbanned Gorilla Tag Without PC For Free

If you got banned from Gorilla Tag and want to be unbanned without using a computer, here’s how: Go to the Gorilla Tag website and tap “Contact.” Tell them your username and why you got banned, and show any proof you didn’t cheat or be mean. They might help you for free. Only be honest and explain nicely. It’s a way to get back to playing and having fun again.


If you got banned in Gorilla Tag, don’t worry. You can try two things to play again. First, talk to the game makers and explain why you got banned. They might help if they see it was a mistake. If that doesn’t work, you can start fresh with a new account, but be careful. Following the rules and know how to get unbanned in Gorilla tag without PC.

Remember, contacting the makers is the first step. Tell them why you got banned, and be patient. If needed, show them proof that you played fair. If all else fails, starting over could be an option, but watch out. If you’re good and respectful, you can play Gorilla Tag without any worries.

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