What Is Carrying In Basketball?


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What Is Carrying In Basketball

Carrying in basketball is a violation of the rules of the game. It occurs when a player takes more than two steps while holding the ball without dribbling or passing it. This is considered a violation because it circumvents the rules of the game and could give an unfair advantage to the team with the ball. 

What is carrying in basketball can be used to create space for a shot or to maneuver around defenders. Carrying can also be used to make quick passes to teammates without the ball being stolen or intercepted. Carrying is a useful tool for advanced basketball players and teams, as it provides an extra offensive advantage.

Carrying in basketball is a violation of the rules. It is when a player holds the ball for more than five seconds without bouncing it or passing it to a teammate. This is considered a turnover and the other team is awarded possession of the ball.

Different Variations Of A Carry In Basketball

Different Variations Of A Carry In Basketball

A carrying basketball is when a player takes two or more steps while holding the ball without dribbling. There are several variations of this move, each with its own unique technique. First, is the basic carry, which involves taking two steps while holding the ball with one or two hands. 

Second, is the reverse pivot carry, which involves taking two steps while pivoting on one foot. Lastly, the spin move carry involves taking two steps while spinning with the ball in one hand. Each of these carries can be used to create space, set up a shot, or even pass the ball to a teammate.

Carry – Double Dribble

Carry – Double Dribble is a basketball term referring to the act of taking more than two steps without bouncing the ball. This violation is called travel and results in a turnover to the opposing team. It is important to remember that a player must dribble the ball before taking their second step, otherwise, it is considered a double dribble.

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How Can You Dribble Without Carrying The Ball?

How Can You Dribble Without Carrying The Ball

Dribbling without carrying the ball is an important skill for basketball players to develop. It involves using quick, short steps and pushing the ball out in front of you with your fingertips and then quickly pulling it back with your other hand. This allows the player to quickly move the ball up the court and around defenders.

Why is Carrying the Basketball Illegal?

Carrying the basketball is illegal in basketball because it can give the player an unfair advantage. Carrying the basketball disrupts the flow of the game and is considered a violation of the rules. It also allows the player to take more steps than the allotted amount, which is why it is considered a traveling violation and is not allowed in the game.

What’s the Penalty for Carrying?

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Crossovers in basketball is a moves used to get past an opponent. It involves quickly changing directions and crossing the ball from one hand to the other while dribbling. This move can help a player get open, making it harder for the defender to guard them.

Stationary Dribble

Stationary dribble is an important skill in basketball. It is the act of bouncing the ball while staying in the same spot. This skill is essential to help a player maintain control and make quick changes in direction while still keeping the ball under control. Stationary dribble can help a player create separation from a defender and hit open shots.

Over Hand Crossover

The overhand crossover dribble is a move in basketball that involves carrying the ball with one hand, while simultaneously doing a crossover move with the other hand. This move is used to create space between the player and their defender, allowing the player to make a better shot or create a pass.


What is a double-dribble?

A double-dribble is an illegal move in basketball where a player dribbles the ball twice before passing or shooting it.

Yes, it is legal to pass the ball while running.

No, it is not legal to dribble the ball while running.

What is the penalty for carrying in basketball?

The penalty for carrying in basketball is a loss of possession and a turnover.


What is carrying in basketball is an important concept for players to understand and execute. It is a technique used to create space between an offensive player and a defender to create better opportunities for scoring. Carrying is illegal and can result in a player receiving a turnover or a foul when the defense notices the action.  Although it is illegal, carrying can be a great way for a player to get around a defender and create a higher percentage shot.

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