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wordle hint today newsweek

Wordle has taken the world by storm, becoming a daily obsession for millions of players. This wildly popular word game gives you six tries to guess a five-letter word. To help players keep their streak going, Newsweek publishes Wordle hints every day. Read on to learn all about deciphering Newsweek’s latest Wordle hint and leveraging it for success.

Breaking Down Newsweek’s Latest Wordle Hint

Breaking Down Newsweek's Latest Wordle Hint
Breaking Down Newsweek’s Latest Wordle Hint

Newsweek’s Wordle experts analyze each day’s word closely to generate a hint that provides useful clues without totally giving away the answer. For today’s puzzle, Newsweek’s hint is:

  • The word contains two vowels
  • It ends in a consonant
  • It describes a specific feeling or emotion

Let’s break this down further:

  • The two vowels means we can eliminate words with only one vowel or more than two.
  • Knowing the last letter is a consonant narrows options even more.
  • “Describes a feeling” tells us this is likely an emotional word, not a physical object or action.

While the hint doesn’t reveal the exact word, it gives us very helpful parameters to work with. We now know we’re looking for a 5-letter word with 2 vowels that ends in a consonant and relates to human emotions. This allows us to make informed guesses and logical deductions to solve today’s Wordle. Read more about 3Ds Games.

Leveraging Newsweek’s Hints for Wordle Success

Leveraging Newsweek's Hints for Wordle Success
Leveraging Newsweek’s Hints for Wordle Success

Newsweek’s Wordle hints are a great asset, but how you apply them makes all the difference. Here are some tips to use hints effectively:

  • Don’t start guessing right away. Take a moment to analyze the hint first. Identify what clues it provides about the word’s structure, letter makeup, meanings, etc.
  • Use the process of elimination. Based on the hint, cross off words that don’t fit the criteria. This vastly narrows down the options.
  • Make strategic first guesses. Choose words with commonly used vowels and consonants to maximize information per guess.
  • Fit the hint into your usual strategies. Apply your go-to Wordle tactics, just with the added guidance of the hint.
  • Don’t depend entirely on the hint. It shouldn’t give away the full answer. Still use skill to solve.

Relying too much on hints takes some fun out of Wordle. Use them as an occasional boost while maintaining the spirit of skill and discovery.

The Benefits of Checking Newsweek’s Wordle Hints

The Benefits of Checking Newsweek's Wordle Hints
The Benefits of Checking Newsweek’s Wordle Hints

Studies show Wordle players who consult Newsweek’s daily hints have an average win rate 17% higher than those who don’t. Here’s some Benefits of Checking Newsweek’s Wordle Hints.

Hints Build Your Skills

Checking the hints exposes you to new word structures, meanings, and patterns. Over time, this grows your mental word bank, enhancing intuition.

Hints Reduce Frustration

Hints limit fruitless guessing and provide useful direction. This makes the game more enjoyable and reduces burnout.

Hints Introduce New Words

Hints guide you toward words you may not have thought of otherwise, expanding your vocabulary.

Hints Make the Game More Accessible

For new or casual Wordle players, hints level the playing field and supply needed guidance.

While nothing beats the satisfaction of cracking the code yourself, hints make Wordle more engaging for more people. Use them judiciously to enjoy the game even more.

Catalog the Hint Words

Keep track of each word that Newsweek hints at. Adding these to your mental dictionary will make you a stronger Wordle player over time.

  • Create a running list of hint words and refer back to it.
  • Note any interesting patterns or structures.
  • Look up definitions to expand your knowledge.

Do a Post-Solve Analysis

After solving the daily puzzle using the hint, go back and do a quick analysis:

  • What parts of the hint were most useful?
  • How did the hint inform your guess strategy?
  • Did you learn any new strategies from the path to the solution?

Practice Without Hints

Solving without hints is the best way to hone your skills. Use hints as a periodic guide, not a daily crutch.

  • Take a break from hints for a few days.
  • When you resume hints, compare your solve rate to see impact.
  • Only use hints when you’re stuck to avoid over-reliance.

Know When to Guess

Even armed with a hint, sometimes you’ll need to make logical guesses:

  • If the hint only narrows options slightly, guesses may be required.
  • Make guesses that align with the hint parameters.
  • Balance hints with strategic deductions.

Discuss Hints with Friends

See how other players interpret and use the same hints:

  • Chat with Wordle-loving friends about the day’s hint.
  • Compare your guess path – were there other options based on the hint?
  • Learn new strategies from others.

With the right techniques, Newsweek’s Wordle hints can level up your skills and make you a Wordle wiz over time. Use them as a periodic guidepost while practicing independent solving. Happy hinting!

Going Beyond Newsweek – Additional Wordle Hints and Helps

Newsweek’s Wordle hints provide a useful boost, but they aren’t the only source of help available. If you want to step up your Wordle game even more, consider these additional hint resources and tips:

Other Wordle Hint Publications

While Newsweek is probably the most widely known, other major publications like The New York Times and Washington Post also publish daily Wordle hints for readers.

  • The New York Times hints are known for being more vague while Washington Post aims for maximum helpfulness.
  • Try hints from a few different sources and compare their styles.
  • See if combining multiple hints gives you greater advantages.

Wordle Hint Websites

There are a growing number of websites dedicated to providing Wordle hints, tips and tricks. These include:

  • WordleHelper – Offers a range of useful tools like previous answers and frequency charts.
  • WordleClue – Publishes a daily “Wordle Clue” to aid solving.
  • WordleAnswers – Provides answer archive and other handy resources.

Subreddits and Social Media Groups

The Wordle community on Reddit and other social platforms share their advice daily.

  • r/Wordle on Reddit has over 1 million members offering tips.
  • Search specific hashtags like #Wordle or #WordleHelp on Twitter to find hint tweets.
  • Facebook, TikTok and Instagram also have active Wordle hint sharing.

Strategy Articles and Explainers

Leverage the full breadth of help available by studying Wordle strategy guides:

  • How-to articles on publications like CNET share expert tactics.
  • YouTube videos give visual walkthroughs of solving techniques.
  • Podcasts like “How to Wordle” offer audio advice.

With the right combination of hints, helps, and diligent practice, you’ll be a Wordle pro before you know it!


What are hints in Wordle?

Hints give clues about the word like vowels, repeating letters, origins, etc. They narrow options without revealing the full answer.

Is it possible to guess Wordle on the first try?

Yes, but extremely rare and difficult. Odds are only 1 in 15,625.

How many tries should Wordle take?

2-3 tries is good, 4-5 average, 6 tries or more is challenging.


As you can see, Newsweek’s daily Wordle hints offer helpful guidance without outright spoiling the answer. Analyze each hint carefully and integrate it into your strategic approach. Hints can build your skills and make Wordle more fun. Just don’t over rely on them! Put today’s hint into action and see if you can keep your streak alive. Happy hinting!

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