How Many Amps Does A Gaming PC Use?


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How Many Amps Does A Gaming PC Use

With time, the usage of computer devices has increased. These devices are not only used for office or academic purposes, but gamers widely use computer devices. Gamers spent many hours on PCs to ace the game.

Gaming PCs are high-power-consuming components that require stable powerhouses to function properly. So, the question arises here; how many amps does a gaming PC use? Before answering this question, we will go through all the factors that play a role in power consumption.

The power is being taken from the circuit. You probably want to know how much load the circuit can carry to be saved from circuit break or any damage to the PC. Here are some factors that help to calculate the amperage; let us discuss them.

What is Gaming PC

What is Gaming PC

Gaming PCs are mostly used for games, and users build them according to their likes or dislikes. The main difference between a normal PC and a gaming PC is that; a gaming PC uses a high specs PC with high-end GPU and RGB. They have multiple spaces for video or graphic cards. Gaming PCs have a high configuration as compared to normal PCs.

Computer Amps

Amps is a unit of the electrical circuit that consumes power and supplies it to computer devices. There are two variables through which we can calculate the number of amps. Firstly, the amount of power supply (watt) that a gaming PC consumes. Secondly, the voltage rate that gaming computer devices take from the circuit. The voltage rate depends on the supply around your area.

Amount Of Power Supply Unit (Watt)

Every model of PC has a different rate of power supply unit. You can find this amount on the box of the power supply unit or the PC specs box. Another way to find this amount is through google search, enter your PC model, and you will get the information. Let’s consider if your PC has a 500 Watt of power supply rate.

Voltage Rate (Volts)

The rate of voltage supply in your area must be known as numerous other devices are connected to the circuit and consume electricity. If you are not aware of it, then you don’t have to worry. You can search for it online by entering your area or country. Like in US and Canada, the voltage rate is 120 volts and in South Asia is about 220 to 230 volts of supply. Let’s assume in your area; it is 120 volts.

How Many Amps Does A Computer Use?

How Many Amps Does A Computer Use

We already have to assume the power supply and voltage rate and consider the high rates consumed from circuits. All other models out there have different rates. By applying the formula which is Watts divided by Volts is equal to Amps;

Amps = Watts/Volts

Let’s put the rates we assumed earlier are;

500 Watts/120 Volts = 4.16 Amps

Apply this formula and calculate amps for computer devices. It is a quick and easy way to know your  PC amp and use precautions for PC damage.

This calculation is only for your PCs; if you are using additional devices along with highly functioned PC like; monitor or speaker sets, then the amp rate will be higher. Everyone should know these things before plugging our expensive PCs into circuits.

How Many Amps Does A PC Use?

But the main query discussed by the people how much power or energy consumption the all pc. The standard PC consumption rate is comparatively lower than the gaming PC. It depends on the different components, either internal or external. Although the power-consuming factors are numerous and due to their functionality, they need high-end power to work properly. A standard PC’s amps range from 0.41 to 6.25 amps per hour. The amp rate depends on the model and area where the computer device is b

Laptop devices are not much power-consuming. Due to the smaller components that work efficiently according to a command from the operating system. An average device consumes a range from 0.41 to 0.84 amps per hour, considered the lowest power-consuming laptop device. The amp rate might increase depending on the hourly usage, rising to 6. 73 amps if used for 8 hours daily.

However, the purpose of is laptop computer device used for its power consumption rate is still low. Adding extra plug-ins like speaker sets will increase the current consumption rate. It could increase the estimated amps higher.


Before plugging in any desktop computer device, you should be aware of three threatening factors. The factors are as follows;

  • Malfunctioning: If the desktop computer/ computer device consumes more power than the normal power supply rate, it will cause the voltage rate to decrease to zero. Due to the overload, the whole PC system will drop or stop working. Most of the models are designed to settle down this drawback, but only some of them are designed to handle it.
  •  Blow Up: Using an outdated or cheap PC that consumes a great amount of current can blow up the circuits as they supply a limited range of voltage. It can burn your motherboard or any other component of the computer device.


Q: How many amps is a PC power supply?

A: The standard PC power usage supply produces approximately 18 amps. The high-end computer device produces almost 24 amps, and the PCs with multiple card options, a powerful device, is around 34 amps.

Q: Are 100 amps enough for a single home?

A: Yes, most houses require this much power to run the home appliances. The medium size houses require around 100 amps of power.

Q: Which is the most affordable gaming laptop?

budget gaming laptop
Asus TUF A15
AMD Ryzen 7 6000 series/Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti
Dell G15
AMD Ryzen 5 6600H/Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050
Acer Nitro 5
Intel Core i7-11800H/Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti
MSI Sword
Intel Core i5 or i7/Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050

Final Words

The total amp’s power depends on the model of the gaming PC. The watts and volts play a major role in calculating the amps of the computer device. One should be aware of the right rate of amps and be cautious of such appliance usage. Electricity is not fun to play with, and you should know that it can cause hazardous damage. Purchase the devices that are suitable for your surroundings or make your surroundings according to your need.


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