Ranking All 16 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Maps


Ranking All 16 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Maps

Ask any Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare player about their favorite map, and you’ll get plenty of passionate responses. The 2007 FPS masterpiece contained 16 impressively designed multiplayer maps that captured fans’ imaginations for years.

From close-quarters brutality to tense long-range sniper duels, Infinity Ward crafted diverse locales that accommodated all styles of multiplayer combat. Let’s rank all 16 maps from worst to best, analyzing the layout, size, aesthetics, flow, and combat versatility of each beloved locale.

Most Popular COD4 Maps

Bloc, Countdown, Pipeline, Ambush, Crash, Vacant and Overgrown seem to be the most iconic and well-liked maps from Call of Duty 4. Shipment offers pure chaotic action while Crash provides great variety. Vacant and Overgrown blend ranges smoothly.

16. Bloc

16. Bloc
16. Bloc

The cramped construction site of Bloc ranks as the worst Call of Duty 4 map. Set in Russia, Bloc contains tight corridors winding through half-finished buildings. The confined layout is simply too small for satisfying team battles. While the aesthetics accurately depict a war-torn urban environment, the gameplay suffers significantly.

With almost no long sightlines for sniper engagements, Bloc heavily favors close-quarters automatic weapons and shotguns. The lack of tactical positions for snipers is a major limitation. A small central “X” route offers the only minimal long-range firing across the map.

Overall, Bloc is frustrating for players of all styles. The tight corners and cluttered rooms devolve into close-range spamming with little room for strategy. For both aesthetics and design, Bloc is the low point of the COD4 maps.

15. Countdown

Set in a missile launch facility in the desert, Countdown is a medium-sized map that caters heavily towards short and mid-range combatants. A prominent large hill divides the map diagonally, splitting the symmetrical three-lane design.

On the positive side, the unique launchpad and rocket aesthetics help Countdown stand out visually from generic military bases. The facilities and radar equipment make logical sense within the missile test theme.

However, Countdown’s gameplay has noticeable deficiencies. The lack of viable long sniper sightlines beyond a few sparse positions limits the combat versatility. With the hill slope and interior corridors favoring close and medium range gunfights, Countdown becomes repetitive quickly.

The predictable flow and limited long-range options relegate Countdown as one of the more basic maps. It fills the standard three-lane symmetric design but does little to innovate the gameplay with more dynamic elements. Overall, solid but unexceptional.

14. Pipeline

14. Pipeline
14. Pipeline

Pipeline takes place in a Russian rural village containing a grid of industrial shipping containers and facilities. The visually dull metal containers and buildings are arranged in a diamond layout, with an MG nest overlook perched on one corner.

This medium-sized map provides extremely intense close-quarters combat within the claustrophobic shipping container maze at the center. The interiors and tight spaces essentially remove long-range combat entirely, creating constant high-speed corners and ambushes.

While excelling at frenetic close-range firefights, Pipeline severely limits gameplay versatility by marginalizing long-range weapons. Lack of elevated positions or long hallways makes snipers and marksmen helpless. With long-range engagements only viable on the sparse outskirts, Pipeline frustrates players who can’t adapt to close-quarters run ‘n’ gun chaos.

13. Ambush

13. Ambush
13. Ambush

The ruined town of Ambush is dominated by a central courtyard surrounded on all sides by 5-story apartment buildings. This open middle ground allows for epic urban sniper duels spanning both sides of the map. Landing a difficult long-range headshot across the courtyard is intensely satisfying.

However, almost zero cover in the open courtyard makes crossing it on foot near suicidal. With scoped snipers covering all angles, crossing requires well-timed smoke grenades and sprints between buildings for cover. Even then, it’s risky.

Due to the extreme skew towards long-range sniping, Ambush significantly limits gameplay versatility. Short-range options like shotguns become useless with almost no interior spaces. Matches devolve into camping contests to control the windows overlooking the courtyard lane. Memorable sniping engagements occur, but more variety would improve Ambush.

12. Overgrown

True to its name, Overgrown takes place at a lush rural Russian farm and forest area. The map provides interesting combinations of close-quarters indoor combat across small villages, mid-range engagements through open fields, and long-range sniping from the prominent church tower.

The tree lines, foliage, and elevation provide excellent natural cover and opportunities for flanking maneuvers. Versatile team strategies can be executed using buildings for close engagements and outdoors for longer shots. The blend of ranges makes early map control critical to dictate engagement distances.

However, gameplay still skews heavily towards snipers, especially on objective modes like Headquarters. Matches often devolve into fights for the church and field trenches, with short-range options marginalized unless teams can push to the villages successfully. Overall, Overgrown caters well to snipers but less so to other classes.

11. Strike

11. Strike
11. Strike

Strike takes place in an abandoned Middle Eastern town with a symmetrical three-lane design. The map features a good variety of combat ranges across the long center street, tight interiors, and open outskirts. The central lane with buses, cars, and street posts provide cover during intense mid-range team battles.

Dynamic sandstorms periodically roll through, limiting visibility and forcing more close-range fights. The sand-filled ruined buildings are directly based on reference photos of real war-torn cities, creating an immersive backdrop. Overall Strike has solid flow and caters to all ranges decently.

However, Strike lacks the memorability and ingenuity of the top-tier maps. The layout and terrain don’t have any standout traits or innovations to elevate Strike beyond standard symmetric three-lane design. It plays well and looks nice but feels a bit generic once the sandstorm novelty wears off. Aesthetically pleasing but unexceptional gameplay.

10. Vacant


This small map takes place in a dingy abandoned office warehouse with dim lighting, concrete floors, and piles of random junk. The office and storage rooms with long sightlines promote intense close-quarters combat and chaotic ambushes. Shooting through interior walls adds dynamic tactical options.

By removing almost all long-range possibilities, Vacant delivers constant claustrophobic action and white-knuckle corners. The atmosphere looks superb and feels perfectly paired to the extreme close-quarters gameplay. Chaining kills across rooms and through wall-bangs provides immensely satisfying run-and-gun destruction.

However, the lack of long-range engagement diversity limits broader gameplay strategies and weapon choices. Vacant is an incredible close-quarters arena, but other ranges are marginalized. The top maps seamlessly blend short, medium and long ranges. Regardless, Vacant remains phenomenally fun for sheer close-quarters mayhem.

9. Crash


Crash is set in a war-torn Middle Eastern town centered around the downed fuselage of a cargo plane. The crash debris, burnt-out cars, and destroyed buildings create interesting mid-range firing angles and cover opportunities. Elevated positions on the rooftops and plane fuselage provide tactical advantages.

The sand dune terrain and radar dish hill give long-range sniping positions overlooking the central lanes. Corner buildings enable intense close-range fights indoors. Overall Crash generally caters fairly to all combat ranges and weapon classes. However, spawn points could be more balanced.

Crash delivers an excellent and memorable map layout both aesthetically and gameplay-wise. The visually stunning crashed plane immediately captures the imagination while providing well-designed close, mid and long-range gunfights. Accessible environments for all styles of players make Crash universally enjoyable.

8. Downpour

As the name suggests, Downpour is set on a rainy Russian farm. The inclement weather provides a unique dim and dreary atmosphere that affects gameplay. Reduced visibility at range forces closer engagements compared to dry conditions on other maps. The rain looks superb and adds immersion.

The main farmhouses and barns allow tight close-quarters battles and ambushes, while the open fields facilitate long-range fights across the river. Balancing indoor versus outdoor combat and understanding sightlines are key skills for Downpour. The dynamic weather adds replayability.

A lack of clearly defined map flow or lanes makes Downpour more chaotic compared to structured three-lane maps. Rotations can be unpredictable, especially in team games with enemies coming from all directions. But this allows varied tactical approaches, keeping players on their toes. Overall Downpour provides stellar atmosphere and balanced combat diversity.

7. Crossfire

Set in a war-damaged Middle Eastern city, Crossfire has a simple two-lane design with buildings for cover and elevated positions overlooking long street corridors. The heightened overwatch points enable teams to counter-snipe for exciting back-and-forth exchanges.

With both teams spawning on either side of the central street, furious battles occur as players advance building-to-building down the lane. Dodging sniper fire to sprint across the street provides intense “Battle of Stalingrad” urban combat moments. The mix of close-range indoor and mid-long-range street fights is executed very well.

However, Crossfire is still somewhat basic aesthetically compared to more vibrant maps, and the spawn points could be improved for better balance. But the straightforward layout allows for easy adaptation and intuitive map control. Crossfire delivers straightforward urban combat done excellently despite somewhat plain visuals.

6. Backlot

Backlot features a Metropolitan city block themed around a military base training course. The symmetrical design means map control is vital for domination. This urban map provides strong close-range action around the mock buildings and alleyways.

Long sightlines across the streets and from second story overlooks give sniping positions for long-range engagements. The action flows smoothly between indoor buildings, street lanes, and second-story windows. Backlot gameplay facilitates all weapon types very nicely.

Aesthetically, the block buildings have superb detail inside, especially little touches like proper bathrooms and kitchens. The visuals bring an authentic urban training course vibe to life. Overall Backlot plays and looks amazing despite spawn points that could be better balanced.

5. Showdown

Showdown has a slower pace than other maps, with its small Middle Eastern town layout surrounded by high ridges. The elevated outskirts provide intense sniper duels and overwatch across the cluttered streets below. Moving safely between buildings under sniper fire is challenging.

This promotes slower, more tactical movement and positioning. Simply sprinting recklessly through the town leads to death by long-range shots from the ridges. Showdown subtly forces players to be more thoughtful rather than blindly rushing around. The result is unique and tense cat-and-mouse gameplay.

Overall Showdown has a memorable personality both visually and gameplay-wise that separates it from standard maps. The excellent blend of long sightlines and close-quarters action combined with the methodical pace forces players to utilize cunning and smarts over pure twitch reactions. AStandout experience.

4. Broadcast

Set in a TV Station, Broadcast has a medium-sized symmetrical layout across two buildings, parking lots, and a central broadcast room. The interior broadcast room provides extremely intense close-quarters gameplay between the desks, equipment, and tight hallways.

The perimeter rooms feature longer hallways for mid-range engagements. Outside, the rooftops, helicopters, and balconies offer ample sniping spots. This perfect blend caters smoothly to all weapon classes and ranges. The flow between ranges is seamless.

Visually, running through a detailed TV studio adds excitement and immersion. The action has cinematic vibes storming through the broadcasting desks under gunfire. Broadcast looks unique and plays phenomenally. It stands out as one of the most versatile and balanced maps in Call of Duty 4 for both aesthetics and design.

3. Shipment

The tiny cargo Shipment map throws strategy aside for pure adrenaline-filled mayhem. As the smallest map ever in Call of Duty, the extremely tight quarters ensure constant non-stop action. Without any hiding spots, players must keep moving and gunning or die within seconds from all angles.

The lack of safe positions creates hilarious madness with killstreaks raining down constantly. Nowhere is safe from the chaos and carnage. Shipment allows the pure addictive fun of Call of Duty’s combat to shine without pretense. While utterly chaotic, Shipment’s sheer intensity and laughs make it extremely memorable.

2. Crash

Our #2 pick Crash generally caters well to all weapon types with its blend of combat ranges spread across the destroyed Middle Eastern town. The downed fuselage and debris make for intense close and mid-range engagements. Long sightlines from the roof and radar dish hill enable sniping.

Elevation adds interesting tactical dynamics, and sections like the cluttered interior store lend themselves to clever ambushes and outplays. Visually stunning details like the crashed plane sections make every map location distinct and memorable for fast orientation. Crash is simply one of the most solid all-around maps ever designed.

1. Overgrown

While several maps deliver excellence in specific areas, Overgrown stands out as the most versatile and complete experience. The blend of close-quarters villages, open mid-range fields, and long sightlines from the church tower enable all styles of combat fantastically.

The foliage, hills, and rural terrain also provide dynamic cover and flanking opportunities. Overgrown allows varied tactical approaches, unlike linear three-lane maps. Coordinating assault teams benefiting different weapon types proves immensely satisfying. No other map facilitates team versatility across ranges so masterfully.

Visually, the vivid overgrown vegetation, streams, and Russian architecture make Overgrown both gorgeous and thematically coherent. The bold colors pop beautifully while blending military actions into a rural landscape. In terms of both aesthetics and gameplay versatility across combat ranges, Overgrown is simply Call of Duty 4 multiplayer perfection.

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What maps are on Call of Duty 4?

The maps on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare are:

  • Ambush
  • Backlot
  • Bloc
  • Bog
  • Broadcast
  • Countdown
  • Crash
  • Crossfire
  • District
  • Downpour
  • Overgrown
  • Pipeline
  • Shipment
  • Showdown
  • Strike
  • Vacant

Which cod is cod 4?

COD 4 refers to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, released in 2007. It was the fourth main installment in the Call of Duty first-person shooter series.

What is the most famous cod map?

The most famous/iconic Call of Duty map is probably Nuketown from Black Ops. Other contenders for most famous include Shipment (COD 4), Rust (MW2), Firing Range (Black Ops), Raid (Black Ops 2), and Shoot House (Modern Warfare 2019).


The 16 maps in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare cover a wonderful spectrum of locations, sizes, and designs to accommodate all player types. While a few maps focus too heavily on specific ranges or weapons, the best combine close, medium and long-range combat seamlessly.

Infinity Ward pioneered multiplayer map design in these iconic locales, whether it’s tense close-quarters shootouts in Vacant, tactical urban combat in Crossfire, or epic cross-map sniper duels in Overgrown. These battlegrounds defined the explosive multiplayer action that became Call of Duty’s signature feature.

Our map rankings highlight the most creative, balanced and downright fun arenas that delivered versatile gameplay with endless memorable moments. Players carried these experiences across a decade of future Call of Duty titles.

So when someone asks about your favorite Call of Duty 4 map, there are plenty of right answers. Each map showcased Infinity Ward’s design talents. But some like Overgrown and Crash represent peak Call of Duty mapmaking – the perfect confluence of art direction, level design, and moment-to-moment gunplay that made Modern Warfare so impactful.

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