Who Is Dan Katz aka Big Cat’s Wife, Stephanie Maloney? Here’s What We Know


Who Is Dan Katz aka Big Cat's Wife, Stephanie Maloney

Dan Katz, better known by his nickname “Big Cat,” is one of the most prominent personalities behind the massively popular Barstool Sports brand. As a talented American writer, podcast host, and sports comedy icon, Big Cat has amassed a loyal following of fans who are highly interested in his personal life off-camera. This includes his relationship with wife Stephanie Maloney, who has been by Dan Katz’s side as his fame and fortune skyrocketed over the past decade.

Let’s take a closer look at who exactly Dan Katz ‘wife Stephanie Maloney is, and what we know about her marriage to the multi-talented Big Cat.

Quick Facts About Dan Katz

Before diving into his wife Stephanie, let’s review some quick facts about Dan Katz himself:

  • Co-founded Barstool Sports back in 2003 with Dave Portnoy.
  • Host of pop culture sports podcast Pardon My Take, one of Barstool’s most popular shows with over 2 million listeners per episode.
  • Estimated to have a net worth of $10 million as of 2022.
  • Known for his over-the-top personality and knack for viral content creation.
  • Massive sports fan and sports bettor in his personal life outside of work.

Who Is Dan Katz aka Big Cat’s Wife, Stephanie Maloney?

Who Is Dan Katz aka Big Cat's Wife, Stephanie Maloney
Who Is Dan Katz aka Big Cat’s Wife, Stephanie Maloney

While Dan Katz is an open book when it comes to his professional endeavors, he values his privacy around his personal affairs and family life. Here’s what we know about his wife Stephanie Maloney:

How Did Dan Katz and Stephanie Maloney Meet?

Dan and Stephanie first met sometime in the early 2010s at a bar in Boston. At the time, Stephanie worked in the fashion industry for the retailers TJX and Marshalls.

The two hit it off right away, and started dating shortly after meeting. While Dan was focused on growing Barstool Sports, Stephanie worked behind-the-scenes in her own career.

When Did They Get Married?

After several years of dating, Dan Katz and Stephanie Maloney officially tied the knot on August 5, 2017.

Their lavish wedding ceremony took place in the upscale vacation destination of Nantucket, Massachusetts. Many of Dan’s colleagues from Barstool Sports were in attendance.

What Is Stephanie’s Background?

Stephanie grew up in the greater Boston area, and would meet Dan years later after college. She comes from a middle class family, and lived a relatively low-key life prior to marrying into Barstool Sports fame.

Stephanie continues to keep a low profile, despite being Big Cat’s wife. She stays out of the spotlight, and keeps personal details off of social media.

Dan Katz and Stephanie Maloney’s Children

Dan and Stephanie have two daughters together, born in 2018 and 2020. As devoted parents, they have chosen to keep their children’s lives completely private.

Dan rarely mentions his kids publicly out of respect for their privacy. It’s clear he prioritizes family time out of the public eye.

Dan Katz aka Big Cat’s Net Worth in 2022

With Barstool Sports now valued at over $450 million, Dan Katz has amassed an immense fortune even by celebrity standards. His estimated net worth is $10 million as of 2022.

Dan earns well over $1 million annually between his Barstool ownership equity, podcast revenue, merch sales, sports gambling sponsorships, and additional side projects.

With his net worth only expected to grow, Stephanie and their children are set up for life financially thanks to Dan’s prolific career.

Who Are Dan Katz’s Parents?

Dan grew up in the Chicago suburbs as the son of an insurance salesman father and schoolteacher mother. He had a middle class suburban upbringing before moving to Boston for college.

Despite his fame, Dan stays close to his parents and extended family. He makes an effort to visit home often even with his busy schedule.

Inside the Marriage Between Stephanie Maloney and Dan “Big Cat” Katz

Stephanie Maloney and Dan Katz have built a loving marriage and family away from the spotlight. While Dan is an open book professionally with fans, he clearly values keeping his personal affairs private.

Fans may be curious, but ultimately the relationship between Stephanie and Dan is not for public consumption. We can be happy that Big Cat has a stable partner supporting him as his career has flourished.

Stephanie Maloney’s Role in Dan Katz’s Success

Behind every great man is a great woman, as the saying goes. This is true for Dan Katz, who credits his wife Stephanie for supporting him tirelessly during Barstool’s growth.

Stephanie has been Dan’s pillar during the ups and downs of his career. She provides a calming presence and words of encouragement when the pressure gets intense.

According to friends, Stephanie is Dan’s voice of reason when he needs grounding. She motivates him to keep pushing forward with his ambitious goals for Barstool.

Without Stephanie’s steadfast support over the years, Dan may not have achieved the immense success he has today. She keeps him focused, confident, and relentless.

Inside Stephanie and Dan’s Life in New York City

The Katzes live in a luxury apartment in New York City, where Barstool Sports headquarters is located. They also have a vacation home in Nantucket, where they married.

Dan and Stephanie enjoy the amenities of NYC living, while also escaping regularly to Nantucket with their daughters. They split time between the two locations.

The couple maintains as normal a life as possible, despite Dan’s fame. They relish simple family time, date nights, and traveling together when Dan’s schedule allows.

Stephanie particularly loves exploring NYC’s art galleries, high-end shopping, and restaurants. She enjoys cultural activities that balance out Dan’s sports-centric lifestyle.

What the Future Holds for the Katzes

As Barstool continues succeeding, so too will Dan Katz’s wealth and public profile. But that won’t change his priorities – Stephanie and their daughters are always the center of his world.

Dan will likely continue keeping his family sheltered from fame’s spotlight. He shows no signs of wavering from that commitment to privacy.

With Stephanie’s support, Dan’s ambition and drive show no limits. It’s an exciting time for the Katz family both professionally and personally.

The Private Life of Dan Katz Remains a Mystery

While we know the basics about Stephanie Maloney, Dan Katz does a masterful job keeping his marriage and fatherhood private. He reveals only faint glimpses into that part of his world.

Some things are meant to remain a mystery to the public. For Dan and Stephanie Katz, maintaining privacy and normalcy is a top priority.

No matter how curious fans get, the couple’s private life will stay off-limits. And that’s just fine by them.

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How old is Dan Katz?

Dan Katz is 38 years old.

What is Big Cat’s net worth?

Big Cat’s net worth is estimated at $10 million.

How much did Big Cat make?

Big Cat reportedly makes over $1 million per year.

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