Tony Hinchcliffe Wife: Is Charlotte Jane Still Together in 2023?


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Tony Hinchcliffe Wife: Is Charlotte Jane Still Together in 2023

Tony Hinchcliffe, the quick-witted comedian known for his biting roasts and unfiltered humor, tends to keep his personal life quite private. This has left many fans wondering about the status of his relationship with wife Charlotte Jane in recent years. Though the couple has revealed few details about their romance, here is what we know so far about Tony Hinchcliffe’s elusive marriage to Charlotte Jane and whether they are still together as of 2023.

Meet Tony Hinchcliffe: Comedian, Podcaster, Controversial Comic

Meet Tony Hinchcliffe: Comedian, Podcaster, Controversial Comic
Meet Tony Hinchcliffe: Comedian, Podcaster, Controversial Comic

Before digging into his relationship, it’s helpful to understand Tony Hinchcliffe’s background. Born in Youngstown, Ohio in 1984, Tony Hinchcliffe first made a name for himself working as a writer on Comedy Central’s roast specials. He went on to become a standup comedian and a regular at the famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles.

Hinchcliffe is best known for his unapologetically crass style of insult comedy. He hosts his own podcast “Kill Tony,” where he roasts amateur comics in brutal freestyle segments. Though popular among comedy enthusiasts, Hinchcliffe’s abrasive jokes have also garnered controversy at times.

Beyond standup, Tony Hinchcliffe has acted in shows like “The Degenerates” and makes frequent appearances on radio shows and podcasts like The Joe Rogan Experience. While certainly successful in his comedy career, Tony remains relatively private when it comes to his personal relationships.

Who Is Tony Hinchcliffe’s Wife? Meet Charlotte Jane

Who Is Tony Hinchcliffe's Wife? Meet Charlotte Jane
Who Is Tony Hinchcliffe’s Wife? Meet Charlotte Jane

Tony Hinchcliffe’s wife is Charlotte Jane, an actress and comedian in her own right. Not much is known about Charlotte’s background, but sources suggest she was born in the late 1980s to businessman Bob Jane.

Like her husband Tony, Charlotte Jane has been involved in standup comedy for years. She’s performed at The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, and The Improv comedy clubs. Charlotte and Tony likely met through the standup circuit in Los Angeles.

In addition to comedy, Charlotte Jane has acted in small roles for TV shows like 2 Broke Girls and Grey’s Anatomy. She had a recurring part on the 2019 series The New Negroes.

Charlotte is active on Instagram under @charlottejane, where she posts comedy content and personal pics. Though she has over 18k followers, Charlotte’s account is set to private.

The Love Story Unveiled: How Tony and Charlotte Connected Through Comedy

The Love Story Unveiled: How Tony and Charlotte Connected Through Comedy
The Love Story Unveiled: How Tony and Charlotte Connected Through Comedy

Tony Hinchcliffe and Charlotte Jane’s romance appears to have blossomed through their shared love of comedy. As frequent performers at Los Angeles comedy clubs like the famous Comedy Store, their paths likely crossed backstage early in their standup careers.

Sources suggest Tony and Charlotte started dating sometime around 2014. Details are scarce, but it seems comedy truly brought these two together. As entertainers who both understand the grind of the LA comedy circuit, they surely bonded over their unconventional lifestyles and passions.

In interviews, Tony Hinchcliffe has stated that he prefers dating female comedians who comprehend his job and odd hours. Charlotte Jane fits the bill perfectly.

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Wedding Bells and Speculation: Did Tony and Charlotte Elope?

At some point after dating for a couple years, Tony Hinchcliffe and Charlotte Jane decided to tie the knot. But when and how exactly did they get married?

Details are scant, but it appears the couple preferred to exchange vows in a quick, private ceremony rather than a lavish, public affair. Some sources claim Tony and Charlotte eloped in Las Vegas in 2016.

However, concrete evidence of the marriage is lacking, as there are no public records or photos of the wedding. Tony and Charlotte have certainly never officially announced their matrimony.

This had led to lots of fan speculation through the years about when and if they actually got married. But Charlotte has referred to Tony as “my husband” in several past comedy sketches. So while specifics are unclear, they do seem to be legitimately wed.

Are Tony and Charlotte Still Together in 2023?

Given the limited information about their relationship timeline, many wonder if Tony Hinchcliffe and Charlotte Jane are still married today. They tend to keep their private lives very much out of the spotlight.

However, there are no signs so far of separation or divorce. Occasionally, Tony and Charlotte will share glimpses into their relationship on social media. Some recent Instagram posts depict them celebrating holidays and attending events together.

For instance, photos from December 2022 show Tony and Charlotte smiling together at a Christmas party, looking every bit the happy couple.

So despite their penchant for privacy, it appears comedian Tony Hinchcliffe and his wife Charlotte Jane are still going strong as of 2023. They seem to have maintained a playful partnership built on mutual understanding and a shared love of laughter.

Rumors Addressed: Is Tony Hinchcliffe Gay?

Over the years, some skeptics have speculated about Tony Hinchcliffe’s sexual orientation and questioned whether he is actually gay. This likely stems from Tony’s edgy, provocative comedy material and friendships with other controversial male comics.

However, there is no definitive evidence that Tony is anything but straight. His long-term marriage to wife Charlotte seems to refute claims about homosexuality.

In past interviews, Tony has directly addressed rumors about him being gay, firmly stating “I’m not.” While his act may push boundaries, by all accounts Hinchcliffe identifies as heterosexual.

What is Tony Hinchcliffe’s Net Worth?

As a popular standup comic and podcast host, Tony Hinchcliffe has amassed an impressive net worth estimated at around $3 million.

Major sources of income throughout his comedy career include:

  • Standup comedy performances
  • Hosting fees for “Kill Tony” podcast
  • Writing for Comedy Central Roasts and other programs
  • Acting roles on shows like “The Degenerates”
  • Sponsorships and appearances on podcasts like Joe Rogan

Though details of his marriage remain elusive, being married to Charlotte Jane likely provides Tony with additional financial stability. With her own acting and standup career, Charlotte’s net worth may be around $1 million or more.

Addressing Rumors About a “Girlfriend” Named Sala

Occasionally over the years, false rumors have emerged about Tony Hinchcliffe having a girlfriend named Sala. These appear to simply be unfounded myths.

Tony Hinchcliffe has never mentioned anyone named Sala in interviews or public statements. No credible evidence exists of him dating or being involved with a girlfriend aside from his wife Charlotte.

It’s likely these rumors stemmed from Tony’s edgy, bachelor-esque comedy persona and reluctance to discuss his marriage. But by all accounts, Charlotte Jane remains the only known partner of controversial comic Tony Hinchcliffe.

Tony Keeps His Marriage Out of the Spotlight

In summary, the facts indicate that Tony Hinchcliffe did indeed marry fellow comedian Charlotte Jane, though details of their romance remain sparse. The couple likely wed quietly in Las Vegas circa 2016, opting to keep their marriage out of the glare of the press.

Though very private about their relationship, Tony and Charlotte are still believed to be happily married as of 2023. They seem to have bonded over the comedy world that brought them together, while avoiding the spotlight on their personal lives.

Despite rumors to the contrary, no credible evidence exists of Tony having any partners besides Charlotte. He identifies as straight and has silenced claims about homosexuality.

Tony Hinchcliffe’s biting humor and unapologetic style certainly garner attention. But when it comes to his romantic life with Charlotte Jane, Tony remains tight-lipped. He seems determined to keep some aspects of his world off limits from the prying eyes of the public.


Q: Is Hinchcliffe Married?
A:Yes, to Charlotte Jane.

Q: What does the name Hinchcliffe mean?
A: It’s an English surname meaning “high cliff”.

Q: Who is Andy Hinchcliffe married to?
A: Andy Hinchcliffe is married to Francesca Hinchcliffe.

Q: Who is Charlotte Jane, and how is she connected to Tony Hinchcliffe?
A: Charlotte Jane is Tony Hinchcliffe’s wife.

Q: How did Charlotte Jane and Tony Hinchcliffe meet?
A: They likely met through the LA comedy circuit.

Q: What is Charlotte Jane’s background and profession?
A: She is an actress and standup comedian.

Q: When did Charlotte Jane’s father, Bob Jane, pass away?
A: Bob Jane passed away in 2018.

Q: When did Tony Hinchcliffe and Charlotte Jane get married?
A: It’s unclear, but likely around 2016.

Q: Are there any details about Tony Hinchcliffe and Charlotte Jane’s wedding?
A: No, it appears they had a private ceremony.

Q: Is Charlotte Jane active on social media?
A: Yes, she has a private Instagram account.

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